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So before I go ahead and post the transcript about the twitter developer chat, it looks like patch 3.3.2 will be skipping the PTRs. Meaning that the patch will either come out this coming tuesday on the 19th for US, 20th for EU. If not by these dates for sure the 26th.

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)

Q. How can I get the Gladiator title?
A. You need to be in top 0.5% of the total amount of active teams in either the 3v3 or 5v5 brackets at the end of an arena season.

Q. When does the season end?
A. Official announcements are made to provide at least a two week warning when the end of a season is approaching. These announcements for North American realms are posted in the PvP forum here:

Q. What rewards are given out when an arena season ends?
A. The end of season rewards include the titles Challenger for the top 10% to 35% of active teams in the battlegroup, Rival for the top 3% to 10% of active teams in the battlegroup, Duelist for the top 0.5% to 3% of active teams in the battlegroup, and Gladiator for the top 0.5% of active teams in the battlegroup. Players that earn the Gladiator title also receive a special permanent mount to signify their accomplishments in the arena.

Q. What Personal Rating (PR) must I have to qualify for the end of season rewards?
A. There is no specific personal rating amount required, but you need to be within 100 personal rating of the team rating.

Q. What percentage of games must I play on my team to qualify for the end of season rewards?
A. You need to have played in at least 20% of the games that your team has competed in.

Q. How many games do I need to play to qualify for the end of season rewards?
A. You need to have played in at least 20 games on your team.

Q. What is an “inactive” team?
A. A team is “inactive” if the team has not played at least 20 games, there is no one in the team with 20%+ games played, or no one within 100 Personal Rating. Inactivity status has nothing to do with how often you play. Any inactive team is disqualified from the end of the season rewards.

Q. Do I need to play in the last week to be able to get Gladiator?
A. No, you don’t have to play in the last week.

Q. If I transfer to another realm after the season ends but before I get my title and drake will they still get to me?
A. No. You must wait for titles/drakes to be distributed and then transfer afterward.

Q. How do players get the Relentless Gladiator title?
A. At the end of each season, the number 1 ranked teams from the 3v3/5v5 brackets in each battlegroup get the title of that arena season. For season 7 it is Relentless Gladiator and season 8 it will be Wrathful Gladiator. If multiple teams are tied for the top spot, they will all get this title.

Q. Do I get to keep my title forever?
A. The Challenger, Rival, Duelist and Gladiator titles are redistributed at the end of each season based on your team’s performance. So for example, if you get a Gladiator title at the end of season 7, when season 8 ends you will get a new title based on your performance specifically for season 8. The only title that is permanent is the one awarded for the #1 ranked teams each season.

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Free Character Moves

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)

We will be offering free character moves from select realms to assist in population balancing. The ability to move a character on the selected source realms will become available starting as soon as we can get them setup on Thursday, January 14 and end them on Thursday, January 28, at 2:00pm PST.

Auchindoun is a Pacific time zone realm in the Retaliation battlegroup, Anetheron is an Eastern time zone realm in the Stormstrike battlegroup, Agamaggan is a Central time zone realm in the Shadowburn battlegroup, and Farstriders is a Central time zone realm in the Emberstone battlegroup.

In the event that these realms meet our transfer goals before the scheduled end date, the transfers to or from any realm may be disabled. We highly recommend that if you are planning to transfer that you do so at your earliest convenience. No characters will be eligible for these free moves once the transfers have been closed.

You can begin your transfer by visiting the Character Move page located here:

Source A (PvP)
Arthas, Emerald Dream (RP-PvP), Illidan (Horde Only), Kel’thuzad, Mal’Ganis (Horde Only), Tichondrious, Warsong (Horde Only)

Destination A (PvP)
Agamaggan, Anetheron, Auchindoun

Source B (RP)
Moon Guard

Destination B (RP)

Lich King Screenshot Contest Winner

Quote from: Zarhym (Source)

Many adventurers have begun a siege upon the Scourge in Northrend, besting the Lich King’s corrupted allies in places like Howling Fjord and Zul’Drak, weakening his stronghold in Icecrown, and ascending through the twisting corridors of his citadel to lay waste to his most vile creatures and top commanders. The bravest of heroes have captured pictures to document the rise and impending fall of the Lich King, from their first steps into Icecrown Citadel’s hidden entrance into the Forge of Souls, to busting directly through the front gates of Icecrown Citadel.

We’ve selected the very best of these screenshots to offer each creator an Epic Edition Rise of the Lich King stein created by Taverncraft ( We also congratulate our grand prize winner, James Hessler, who will receive the signed #1 of only 750 Legendary Edition Rise of the Lich King steins! Have a look at all of the winning screenshots here:

Blue Posts

Ashen Verdict rings (Source)

We are still planning to add the strength ring in the next minor content patch.

Resilience in Season 8 (Source)

We are discussing the idea of increasing the benefits of resilience for the next Arena season. We will have to see what effect this has on healing and whether or not weapon inflation from the newest items can adequately offset any of those effects.

Damage vs healing vs health pools (Source)

We think everything is a little too intense right now, almost like playing the game on fast forward. Yes, damage can come in too quickly, but that is partially because healing is also so huge that without some amount of burst, it would seem as though nobody would ever die. It’s as if players are either at 100% health or 0% health, and very infrequently effective in between. If we just drastically toned down PvP damage across the board — say, by inflating resilience or health pools — then healers would dominate, much as was the case in The Burning Crusade. In return, the only way to win a match would be to chain crowd control or possibly mana drain the healer. We certainly want to make sure these abilities have their place in PvP, but the game can also be frustrating when excessive healing gives players the feeling that fight are just being reset consistently until healers are completely out of mana (which in most cases can take a very long time).

On the flip side, we could tone down damage and healing, but that has huge PvE ramifications and we’re not ready to re-balance the entire game — though this is the intent for Cataclysm. What we’ll likely do for the next expansion is ramp damage up a little as players advance, but have health pools increase greatly and healing increase by marginal amounts. The same change would have benefits for PvE too because mana then becomes a consideration for healers — they must make a more determined choice between an efficient strategy and a spamming strategy — and tanks won’t constantly face dying by two unfortunate strikes. In PvP, you’ll ideally see more players in a wounded state, and they can eventually be worn down rather than blown up in a couple of global cooldowns.

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Europes Armory Updated!

Euro Armory Updated as well
Here is the update on europes armory! It is pretty much the same as the update about armory changes a few days ago. But here you go!

Quote from: Wryxian (Source)

Several new features and improvements are now available on the World of Warcraft Armory, the official searchable database of characters, items, Arena teams, and guilds.

  • Character Model Viewer: The character model viewer displays a character as he or she appears in-game. You can pan and zoom the camera, play animations, and save a default pose for everyone who visits your profile to see.
  • Activity Feeds: See a character’s most recent in-game actions, including achievements, boss kills, loot acquisitions, and more. You can customize your character feed and export it as an RSS feed, too.
  • Calendar Feeds: Export in-game player calendar data to online calendars such as Google Calendar, and automatically sync with your characters’ in-game calendars.

For more details on these and other new additions, including the redesigned character profiles, head over to the World of Warcraft Armory now:

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New Armory – 3D Character Viewer, Character and Calender feeds

It has arrived finnaly! The official armory has now been updated with new features such as a 3D model viewer, as well as rss feeds to know the characters activity and calendar events. Check below for more information from the blue post as well as an actual 3D model view embedded!

Quote from: Blizzard (Source)

3D Model Viewer

Every character profile now has a 3D model viewer that displays the character in his or her currently equipped gear, and accurately displays the character’s physical features, hairstyle, and helm/cloak display as they appear in-game. Mousing over the character model window brings up a control panel with the following controls (try it now with the character to the right!):

  • Camera controls: To rotate the camera around a character, click and hold the left mouse button while moving the mouse left and right, or click the arrow buttons in the top left of the window. To zoom in and out, use the mouse wheel while hovering over the character window, or click the zoom buttons in the top left of the window. To move the character within the frame, right-click and drag the character in the window (or on the small square in the bottom left corner of the window).
  • Animations: Each character has a selection of animations that they can perform. Use the arrows next to the animation’s name to cycle through them. The available animations are determined by the character’s class and currently equipped weapons.
  • Capture pose: If you are logged in, you can set the default pose of any character on your account. Use the camera and animation controls to create a pose, then click the save icon to set it as the default. All visitors to the character’s profile will then see the character in that pose.
  • Play controls: The rewind, pause, and fast forward buttons allow you to fine-tune a pose for a character.
  • Fullscreen mode: You can view the character in a fullscreen display against a selection of backgrounds. All controls will continue to function in fullscreen mode.
  • Embed: You can embed a standalone, interactive version of the character’s model viewer in a compatible website, such as a social networking site, guild website, or forum.
  • Options: Extra options include selecting a background in fullscreen mode and toggling the display of a character’s helm, cloak, or tabard.

Refer to the Character Sheet FAQ for more details.

Character / Calendar Feeds

You can export your character information and calendar events to other websites and applications using the Armory’s new customization tools. These features can be accessed through a logged-in character profile or through the Armory’s main navigation menu.

  • Character Activity Feeds: Each character’s activity feed shows the most recent in-game actions of the character that can be recorded by the Armory. These include achievements, boss kills, item acquisitions, and more. Character feeds can be customized using our customization tool, then exported as RSS feeds to your RSS reader of choice. Refer to the Character Feed FAQ for more details.
  • Player Calendar Feeds: Another new Armory tool allows you to export in-game player calendar data to online calendars such as Google Calendar. The tool can aggregate up to five characters on your account in a single feed, and is automatically synched with the characters’ in-game player calendars. Refer to the Calendar Feed FAQ for more details.
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Here are some updates posted about the twitter developer chats some info about cataclysm is usually involved so keep updated!

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)

Following the response to our first Developer Chat on Twitter, we will be holding the next one on Friday, January 15, at 5:00 p.m. PST with World of Warcraft’s senior game producer and lead systems designer. This chat session will focus on the recently released Fall of the Lich King content.

Questions will be taken live through Twitter, so be sure to sign up for a Twitter account at and follow account @Warcraft in order to participate!

To submit a question for the Developer Chat, please tweet using the #BlizzChat hashtag between 5:00pm and 6:00pm PST on January 15. Due to the limitations of providing complete answers within Twitter, all answers will be posted on the forums in a dedicated thread.

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Tier-10 Elemental 4-Piece Change again!
So it seems as if they changed up Shaman Elemental 4-piece bonuses again! Here is what the new update is about it. Check it out!

Quote from: Eyonix (Source)

The Shaman Tier 10 bonus has been redesigned and will no longer reduces the cooldown of Lava Burst or enables Lava Burst to be guaranteed to critical strike without Flame Shock present. Instead successful Lava Burst casts now increase the duration of Flame Shock on the target by 6 seconds.

Please note this is still a work in progress and we may end up with a different or modified bonus before the patch goes live.

Blue Posts

Are rolling crits an exploit? (Source)

I don’t think either haste not crit qualify as an “exploit.” That word implies you are somehow abusing mechanics so bad that you risk some kind of punitive reaction on our part. Usually if we don’t like how a class is working we’ll just fix the mechanics and not blame players for it.

In any case, haste provided a huge damage boost and was hard to fix. Crit provides a moderate damage boost and is hard to fix. So we probably won’t be changing the way rolling crit works any time soon. You can use it without fear of ramifications from us. :)

Tank class choice (Source)

I honestly think it’s hard to argue that your choice of tank often costs you a kill because of the dps of the tank. Often those numbers are rounding errors compared to the damage capable by the dps specs in the raid. However, I don’t think you even need to invoke that argument. I think it just feels crappy when your dps is lower than other tanks.

I don’t think the block diminishing returns exacerbates this much to be honest, but it was a problem that was already there. We’d like to buff Prot sustained dps in a way that isn’t risky for PvP.

(Standard: “no promises” implied.)

I’ll say again that we have nothing against threat modifiers. Some of you need to stop treating them as if they are cockroaches to be stomped out whenever they appear. Bonus threat is really the only way to keep tank damage lower than dps damage but threat higher than dps threat. It only becomes a concern when A) the threat modifiers are flat (because then when the dps do more damage with gear, you aren’t doing more threat with gear) or B) you’re spamming abilities that do lots of threat but no real damage, because that just feels lame (and really we’re just talking Sunder Armor here, which nobody spams anymore anyways).


Balance improvements (Source)

With that being said, one small change we have in the pipeline is to double the effectiveness of Earth and Moon so that it provides a flat 2/4/6% spell damage increase. As an obligatory warning, this is subject to change prior to the next minor patch going live.


Protection damage in raids (Source)

We understand that warrior damage is on the low end but regarding the raid progression, it’s a hard case to say that your wipe on Festergut (as an example) was caused by the difference between tank damage when the dps from focused classes like rogue, warlock, etc. can probably improve to beat the enrage timer.

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So it seems they are somewhat Nerfing the boss as a whole, but at the same time adding some more challenging aspects to the 25 player version! Interesting stuff check it out!

Quote from: Daelo (Source)

Professor Putricide is getting two hotfixes deployed right now.

One of them fixes an issue where the Mutated Transformation and Mutated Plague ability were doing significantly less damage in 25 player mode than intended. Mutated Transformation was actually doing less damage in 25 player mode than in 10 player mode!

In a separate hotfix affecting both 10 and 25 player modes, Tear Gas should no longer cancel player abilities such as Devotion aura. Instead of being totally immune, players now take 99% less damage. This also means Heals over Time spells will continue to work while Tear Gased, Dispersion will grant mana, etc.

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Heroic Instance Nerfs!

So here are some updates about the herioc instance nerfs. What bothered players the most about the heroics? Check it out!!!!

Quote from: Zarhym (Source)

Ahn’kahet, the Old Kingdom

With that said, we plan on making some changes to The Old Kingdom in the next minor patch. For instance, Elder Nadox will only get one Ahn’Kahar Guardian and Jadoga Shadowseeker will only use her Ascend ability once during their respective encounters. In addition, a couple of the stagnant groups of bad dudes between the Befouled Terrace and The Desecrated Altar will be removed, while some of the roaming groups will have their pathing altered. These changes are to make this instance easier, but rather to make it a slightly quicker run and more in line with some of the other Wrath dungeons.

The Nexus

I think you mean Anomalus. Yes, he will use his Create Rift ability less often. For instance, Anomalus could use his Create Rift ability 20 times before you could kill him if we wanted to make it so. This would increase the encounter’s difficulty by a negligible amount, the hardest part of which would be staying awake.

The Culling of Stratholme

We plan to do something to allow players a quicker start to this dungeon, however, the fix to the scripting is more complicated than the changes we’re making to some of the other dungeons and likely will not be ready for the next minor patch.

Cataclysm Dungeons

We’ve learned a lot from our Wrath of the Lich King dungeons. I think you can expect us to approach Cataclysm dungeons with some new ideas, especially taking into consideration the Dungeon Finder. This system has drastically changed the way dungeons are run and we want to make sure future dungeons are designed with this in consideration.

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In Game Fixes

Quote from: Blizzard (Source)


  • Professor Putricide’s Tear Gas will no longer remove player auras.
  • The Growing Ooze Puddles in the Professor Putricide encounter will no longer continue to grow while players are stunned.

No 2vs2 Titles for Season 7

Quote from: Vrakthris (Source)

Greetings all, as promised I have received word back from my inquiry.

Please note that I am not a Developer nor am I a liaison with Development, if you wish to provide feedback regarding this matter you are welcome to do so in the Suggestion forum.

For clarification: Those who participate in 2v2 Arena Matches will not be eligible for any title rewards from that bracket. This means that Rival, Duelist, etc… may only be obtained if you qualify on a 3v3 or 5v5 Arena Team.

Blue Posts

Sanctuary city in Cataclysm (Source)

We don’t have plans for a sanctuary city in the likes of Shattrath or Dalaran for Cataclysm. For the most part players will be working out of their current faction capitals to keep in the spirit of bringing life back to the old world Azeroth.

Battered Hilt (Source)

Just jumping in here to let you know we aren’t ignoring this topic but simply have no current plans to make any changes to this item. We know that this can be frustrating under certain circumstances but we don’t feel that this frustration will really be avoided unless we give out the item on a consistent basis which we don’t want to do.

Having the item as BoE allows people who really want the item to get it via a trade or the auction house which I know several players have been able to do. Yes, this can cost a lot of gold but through some consistent focus it is possible to save up the money for this and the prices have continued to go down as the weeks have gone by which only helps.

Festergut difficulty (Source)

Festergut is a pretty tough pile of flesh and stiches. So far we are pretty happy with the balancing in the Plagueworks and like how the progression is going. Yes, he is hard but that is pretty intentional and we will make changes if we feel they are necessary.

Don’t forget that we mentioned awhile back (link for reference: ) that eventually there will be a buff for all players in the dungeon which will not directly be a nerf but will make the encounters easier to get past for those who are struggling.


Destruction improvements (Source)

Hopefully this post doesn’t get too buried in this thread since it’s grown quite a bit since I last posted. Another change we’d like to make for Destruction warlocks concerns Conflagrate. We’re looking into doubling the damage-over-time effect to 40% of Conflagrate’s total damage, up from 20%.

As usual, I must warn you that this change is in testing and subject to revision or removal before the next patch goes live.


Shield Slam (Source)

Here are some more specifics on the (possible) Shield Slam changed. Remember, nothing is finalized at this point.

The diminishing returns on shield slam damage now starts to kick in when shield block value is more than 1960 (at level 80). It maxes at behaving as if your shield block value is 2072 when your block value is actually 3160 (again, at level 80). Remember this includes the scaling from both shield block value on gear AND shield block value from Strength.

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Here are some more blue posts

MLG Orlando: Beastcleave > cloth teams? (Source)

I don’t think this is a clothie issue at all. In fact, appropriate use of Ice Block and Demonic Circle defensively made a big difference.

I also don’t want to discount the skill of those players at all. Make no mistake – these are very good players. While some of the matches were over very quickly, I think you’re dramatically underestimating things if you think anyone would have performed the same with same setup.

That said, coordinated damage (from the BM + the shaman’s wolves for example) is just really high, and in some sense it has to be or everyone will just be healed again. We need to see more matches where everyone in the game is playing in a wounded state. You need to be able to wear someone down (without just wearing the mana of the healers down). Health just needs to be higher for everyone across the board, even in PvE, and healing power has to be lower. The buckets need time to fill and drain instead of being full or empty 90% of the time.

I also think it’s cool to see warlocks, hunters, shaman, paladins, druids and whatever classes I forgot that saw a lot of use at MLG Orlando, besides just RMP. Ideally those other comps would use a bit more CC (even if it’s not quite at the RMP level) and there would be some matches that would last longer. The announcers did a good job of the play by play, but sometimes there just weren’t enough plays to really have a sense of the kind of back and forth that make competitive sports interesting.

RMP vs everything else (Source)

This thread quickly deteriorated from talking about the MLG matches to the same old tired arguments:

1) RMP is skill. Anything that isn’t RMP is faceroll.


2) CC is boring. Let’s kill something.

It doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other. There is room in competitive Arena for a lot of different comps. I for one am glad to see really talented players gravitating to something besides RMP vs. RMP for every match. It was nice to see other classes in there. I do wish the hunter + shaman combos fell back on other strategies more often than instantly blowing wolves + Bloodlust. In an ideal world it would be very effective (you are gambling a lot of cooldowns on that opening move after all), just less so than it is now.

I don’t fault the players at all — they do it because it’s effective. They focus because they have to focus — because getting someone to 50% and switching targets would be ineffective. But if other teams could survive that initial burst a little more often, then it would be more risky, and in turn it wouldn’t be so popular as the the first thing to do when the gates went up. I really don’t think we’re that far away from that, by which I mean we don’t have to redesign every class to have Frost Nova + Ice Block to make Arena matches last a little longer.

But as I said above (and most smart players realize) just buffing health / lowering damage alone won’t do anything but put even *more* emphasis on burst, because getting someone to 2% will be as irrelevant as getting them to 99% (because the healers will just reset the match). Lower damage *and* lower healing and the matches will almost certainly last longer, hopefully without richocheting to the other extreme of layered CC or mana drains being the only way to play.

Raids and Dungeons

Heroic / hard modes are only challenging due to being healing intensive (Source)

There are healer challenges, sure, but I don’t think it’s fair to say the fights are only challenging because of healing. Deathwhisper puts pressure on the tanks to manage adds and the ranged dps (typically) to switch at the right time. Saurfang asks a lot of the ranged dps (typically) who have to kite and kill the adds. Festergut requires a lot of dps in addition to challenging healing. Even Marrowgar requires the whole raid to pay attention to fire and whirlwinds and to focus on spike victims.

As I’ve said before though, I like healing because of the challenges. Healing gets boring fast IMO when it’s trivial to keep everyone up, unless you just like the accolades of being a healer. (DPS on the other hand can still be fun on easy fights because you can try and see just how quickly you can get the kill.)

Just for the record, I play healers, tanks and dps. I PvP too.



Upcoming Warbringer change (Source)

Let’s look first at the Warbringer change.

Will it nerf them for PvP? Yes. Aside from stuns and Dismantle, rooting or snaring the Prot warrior is the major way to keep him off of you. Considering all of the stuns and silences that Prot has, when they can also jump out of every Frost Nova with Warbringer, then there’s not much in the way of skill a mage can employ to stay alive. They just get countered in every way.

Will it nerf them for PvE? Yes, but really slightly. I’m not sure I can ever remember a case in my WoW-playing history where my warrior or some other tank caused a wipe because of a root, so even if it did happen, it can’t happen that much or be that memorable. Warriors certainly won’t get sat because of some new Achilles’ heel and we don’t design encounters around the assumption that tanks can’t be rooted. The important part of Warbringer from a PvE perspective, removing the stance restrictions, is still intact.

Now the damage change. As Bornakk posted recently, what we essentially did was look at some of the successful Prot PvP characters and compare them to some of the Prot tanks out there. We nerfed the block conversion to Shield Slam damage so that it would hit the PvP guy without really hitting the PvE guy. (The PvP warriors aren’t stacking a ton of Shield Block Value, but they do have a lot of Strength which also converts to block for purposes of making Shield Slam hit harder — many of these guys are wearing PvE dps plate.)

Will it nerf them for PvP? Yes. We want Prot to be able to hit reasonably hard, but they also need to pay some price for their massive survivability. We thought the Warbringer change alone would nerf the warriors vs. e.g. mages but wouldn’t control their damage. Those big Shield Slam crits should go down a lot.

Will it nerf them for PvE? Probably not, or at least not much. If you tank with a lot of Strength or SBV, you might see your Shield Slams go down, but that’s why we buffed the threat of Shield Slam to compensate.

Again, keep the changes in perspective. We want Prot to be PvP viable. We don’t want Prot warriors to dominate PvP or have everyone feel like they need one for their team. Likewise, we want Prot to do higher damage than the almost trivial damage that they did in BC. But that doesn’t mean they need to be competitive with the dps while they’re tanking.

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