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A little more till Lich King Unlocks!
Two weeks from now will be the unlocking of Frostwing halls and The frozen Throne! On North American Realms it will be released on Febuary 2, 2010. As for Euro realms it will be unlocked on the 3rd. We will probably see season 8 arena gear next week on the 26th, if not then latest Febuary 2nd. Heroic modes for Icecrown Citadel will come out as well on the 9th, assuming people actually down the Lich King in normal mode. Very Excited!!!!

Blood Queen Lana’thel video!
So here is the video from the boss at 50%. Nobody has actually downed the boss even though it doesn’t look so hard lol. But I guess it is easier said than done! I will keep you updated about when any guild actually downs the boss. But posting is just in-case you guys wanted to see some differences from PTR.

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