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Crimson Hall unlocks in less than 24 Hours!
So the Crimson Hall is going to be unlocked soon. I wanted to go over what will come out with this patch. There will be two new raid encounters, also with limited number of attempts for the wing boss Blood Queen Lana’thel. Thus giving you a total of 15 attempts to down both Professor Putricide & Blood Queen Lana’thel, until they despawn.


When you complete A Feast of Souls you may go on and start the chain quest to complete ShadowmourneBlood Queen Lana’thel is a part of the chain quest Blood Infusion. In order to do this quest you need to be the target of
Blood Mirror which is going to be right next to the person closest to the tank. So pretty much healers better be ready to heal lol, because both whatever damage your tank takes, you will take as shadow damage.

Here is a section from WorldofRaids. They put together a good guide on how to approach this. Check it out!

“The Blood Prince Council


This is another “council” encounter.  The princes all share health, though with a twist this time — only one of them can be damaged at any given time.  This takes place by them receiving Invocation of Blood from the Darkfallen Orb or by it jumping from another prince.  At this point they grow larger and gain additional abilities.  For full details on the Blood Prince Council encounter, visit the Blood Prince Council guide page.


The Legacy vs Blood Princes

Blood Queen Lana’thel

This encounter is involved in the limited attempts system in Icecrown Citadel.  To read more about that, visit this news article.


This encounter has multiple phases and includes the mechanic of players being bitten by Blood Queen Lana’thel, increasing their damage for 60 seconds but also putting them at risk of becoming mind controlled.  Proper management of this effect is crucial as she has a very large health pool and enrages after 6 minutes.  For full details on the Blood Queen Lana’thel encounter, visit the Blood Queen Lana’thel guide page.

-Source: Worldofraids, WoWhead

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