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The Invincible Music

The new Battlecry Mosaic tile was released last night.  This time it isn’t images though; it’s a music piece called Invincible, it’s about Arthas’ mount that died during his youth, but is back from the dead to serve him even in death!

Blue Posts

Resilience changes requires a server restart (Source)

There was some confusion on our end so here is the clarification on this change going live.

The hotfix is live, but it requires a server restart before it will actually affect your gear. Some of your realms have been restarted for various reasons, but some have not. They will all get restarted at the next maintenance period (typically Tuesday AM in the US). We might go ahead and restart all servers just so that we know everyone is having the same experience.

Encounter variety and its impact on healers (Source)

In general, we think it’s more important to the game to have diverse and interesting fights than it is to have 5 way ties for healing “usefulness” on every fight, just as we don’t go out of our way to have melee vs. ranged dps ties on every fight, or even an even number of fights.

We already place a lot of limits on our encounter designers as to whether what they want to do is fair to class balance, yet they still manage to come up with boss fights that none of us have ever seen before. Telling them they can no longer do raid-wide damage auras, or can only do them on 10% of bosses or whatever is just a restriction I don’t think the game design needs. You may feel better in the short term where you’re just as awesome on fight 2 as you are on fight 31, but in the long term you might lose interest in the raiding game when all the bosses start to feel the same.

Here is the most important part of my post: The community tendency is to push for homogeneity (in roles, in buffs, in healing and damage, in representation, in available enchants, in awesomeness of badge items, etc.) because “that’s fair.” We push for new, unpredictable and interesting things because it keeps players interested in the game.

What constitutes a support class? (Source)

In PvE there aren’t really support classes. You may adopt a support role in some encounters.

In PvP, some players call the support class the guy on a 3-player Arena team who isn’t doing the majority of the damage or the healing.

Any Arathi Basin improvements planned? (Source)

We don’t have any changes planned for Arathi Basin at this time. Cataclysm is still a ways off though so things could change. Just remember that not all Battlegrounds are meant to be a mirror, but if we feel there is an imbalance that is causing a problematic win-ratio, we will look into it.

PvP gearing focus is on crits (Source)

PvP excessively rewards focusing on crits because kills, not damage, are generally what win those fights for you. We think if resilience didn’t affect crits than those specs that focus on crits would have an extra advantage in PvP situations as well as the value of crit in general being more useful. Nobody is really preventing crits even with max resilience. Crits will still hit for more than hits even with max resilience. In fact, most of the complaints people have about dying too quickly come from the big crits they suffered.

Getting a crit is valuable for every damage spec and getting crits is more valuable in PvP than in PvE. Some talent trees have mechanics that benefit from getting crits, but the fact is that you still want crit and you still want to crit more in Arena. It doesn’t ever become a bad or problematic stat for you. Maybe your damage goes down a little, but I really don’t think the problems Fire and Balance have in Arenas is because of their lower crit chances. We could see perhaps in a Catclysm setting of allowing offensive “on crit” mechanics to work the same way defensive ones do today even if resilience changed that crit into a hit. It would be a good quality of life change, but I still think the impact this has in actual games is being overstated.


Does Moonkin Aura stack with Wrath of Air? (Source)

Currently, yes. The complexity here is we have a melee haste, a spell haste and a generic haste buff. One solution we’ve discussed is to consolidate buffs into melee or spell haste. Swift Retribution could be melee and Improved Moonkin Form could be spell. But I am just arm-waving at this point. We might go a different way with it.


Future ammo changes (Source)

We haven’t announced the Cataclysm ammo change yet, except to say that it will no longer be a consumable.

The simplest solution is certainly that ammo goes away and guns, bows and crossbows just don’t ever run out of ammo. More complicated features might be more exciting as you say, but have potential downsides too. Applying fire to your arrows sounds cool, but is ultimately any more interesting than just having a “Fire Shot” ability. Do you really conceive of a lot of situations where you’d rather do Fire damage over physical damage? Having different kinds of arrows sounds interesting until you consider the delivery mechanism of having to “catch them all” through rare drops, badge vendors or the like. As you say, hunters do have a lot of buttons and a pet to manage, so I’m not sure they really need a whole additional mechanic to worry about.


Do away with totems! (Source)

I don’t know of a kind way to say this, but if you hate totems, then you’re playing the wrong class. We are never, ever going to offer a shaman play style that involves ignoring or marginalizing totems. We have taken steps to improve those areas where totems fall behind, and any shaman that doesn’t see the massive quality of life improvement they got with the Totem Bar is just trying to downplay the positive in order to accentuate the negative.

If you consolidate haste into two types, what about Bloodlust / Heroism, etc.? (Source)

Bloodlust / Heroism we’re not just sure about yet. Only one class brings it, but there are three raid-viable specs in that class that all fill different roles, so it’s a big difference from an ability that say only an Arms warrior or Frost DK brings. We’ve considered the drum angle too, but we’re not 100% sold on that idea either. It is a very good buff, but overall players give it more credit for their success than it typically accounts for.

Totem of Wrath and Demonic Pact is something we’ve said before that we want to fix. They should be virtually the same buff (+spell power) and they definitely are not that now. It’s a big change though, because currently Elemental shaman don’t want to drop Totem of Wrath, unless they think that is the only thing getting them a raid slot, while on the other hand, Demo locks might very well vanish from raiding without their buff. None of this is ideal, but it’s also not a trivial fix or we would have done it long ago. Remember it gets even more complicated in the Cataclysm time frame because Intellect (and buffs that provide +Int) also provides spell power.


Protection dps improvements (Source)

We’ll buff sustained damage in the same patch where we nerf Warbringer and the block conversion to Shield Slam. It probably won’t end up being a 2000 dps increase for anyone, but it should help close the gap.

Upcoming Shield Slam change (Source)

The diminishing returns are applied pre Shield Block. It’s the lesser of the two nerfs you mentioned. We picked a number that would only greatly affect tanks going out of their way to get really big Shield Slam crits, which is typically not the guy tanking Icecrown bosses.

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ICC Hotfixes!

Quote from: Daelo (Source)

Just wanted to update players on the hotfixes that have been applied recently to Icecrown Citadel…

Blood Prince Council

– Prince Keleseth will no longer melee players. So if you get knocked into Keleseth or happen to move by him, he won’t swipe in between his casts and kill a non-tank.

– The first Shadow Resonance should appear earlier in the fight, which will allow the Keleseth tank to have more orbs on him or her if Keleseth is empowered second instead of third. We didn’t want which Blood Prince was empowered second to be a major element of the difficulty in the fight.

– We reduced the melee damage for the Princes by 10% for the 10 player difficulty. They were doing less damage than the 25 player before the hotfix, but this change lowers the damage further.

– Empowered Flames will now run out of power after shooting fewer firebolts in the 10 player difficulty. We did not change the initial impact damage.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel

– The Blood-Queen is no longer spawned until the Blood Princes dies. This will prevent any unfortunate entry of her highness while a raid is fighting the Blood Princes. The initial hotfix for this causes the Blood-Queen to not spawn at all in a particular circumstance, but this was also fixed last night.

– We increased the duration of Essence of the Blood Queen to 60 seconds in 25 player difficulty, and 75 seconds in 10 player difficulty. A strategy developed for managing the Essences throughout the fight that involved intentionally killing a player, and this change addresses that strategy. The new timing does interact with some of her other abilities in new ways, but there are methods that players have to lessen that impact.

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Some New Hotfixes for Crimson Halls

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)

Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted.

To review previous in-game fixes, please visit:


  • Blood Queen Lana’thel will only be available after the Blood Prince Council is defeated.
  • Blood Queen Lana’thel’s Essence has a longer duration.
  • Kinetic Bombs no longer aggro Blood Queen Lana’thel during the Blood Princes encounter.
  • Blood Queen Lanathel should no longer cast Vampiric Bite on pets.

Valnoth on the hotfixes (Source)

A hotfix was deployed earlier today that increased the duration of Essence of the Blood Queen from 60 seconds in 10 player mode to 75 seconds and (from) 50 seconds in 25 player mode to 60 seconds. While we hate to make hotfixes to limited attempt encounters in the middle of a play week, we felt it was necessary to correct an issue with the Blood Queen encounter which involved intentionally killing a member of the raid. I think it’s generally accepted that letting someone die should continue to remain a “bad thing.”

We also made a number of changes to 10 player Blood Prince Council which I’ll detail in the morning. We’ll be watching both fights closely in case any other issues arise.

Blue Posts

Skipping to the last boss in Heroics (Source)

While there may be some instances in which you can do this manually, our intention wasn’t to make this an exceedingly quick way to get two Emblems of Frost. This is more of a method to encourage players to participate in the Looking for Group system and help those who are playing through the dungeons get ready for the epic encounters that await them in our currently available raid content. Thus, implementing a “skip to the finale boss” mechanism would be counter to those goals.

Why Rated Battlegrounds can’t come “NOW!” (Source)

We have announced our plans to add a rating system to the Battlegrounds to bring back much better rewards and premade teams for Cataclysm. This is a system that has been under development for quite some time, and development will continue on it until we get it right. Adding this type of system into the game isn’t trivial. We want to make sure Battlegrounds provide new levels of competition, properly measure success, and adequately award players according to their performance.

We’ll be sharing more about this system as we get further along in development of the next expansion.

Ghostcrawler on Resilience changes (Source)

We don’t want resilience per se to bring with it the “kiss / curse” of also nerfing your own healing output or heals received. We want players to like resilience on PvP gear. It shouldn’t be a hard decision. We’d prefer a model where resilience improves your survivability without any real downside.

If we implement a healing change, it would be temporary because health pools will be larger in Cataclysm, proportionate to healing, so we don’t think that will be a problem. Burst damage may be less of a problem too for the same reason, but we’re less confident of that. If it isn’t a problem, then we can change the resilience scaling again.

It doesn’t surprise me that different players come to different conclusions that e.g. this is a big buff for melee or a big nerf for melee or that this means PvE gear will be more or less attractive. What surprises me is the strength everyone seems to have in their own convictions (“It will absolutely be this way…”), despite evidence that plenty of players don’t agree with them. :)

New Fan art
Three new pics were added to the Blizzard Fan art Section!

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Blood Queen Lana’thel Full fight
I have embedded a video for the complete fight of Blood Queen Lana’thel. Riot Act of US-Anetheron has downed her! Also the video includes ventrilo chat so it’s quite a help for those of you trying to down her and for those who have yet to attempt her! Check the video below!

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Resilience Hotfix for PVP
Seems as if they are buffing up resilience for PvP! Good Read for all you Pvp’ers out there!

Quote from: Blizzard (Source)

We are currently in the process of applying a hotfix to buff resilience. While some modifications may be made, we intend to have this buff in effect for the remainder of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

The change will double the value of resilience in reducing damage done by players. So depending on their current amount of resilience, characters might experience a 10 to 20% decrease in damage taken from other players. The critical strike chance and critical strike damage reduction components of resilience will remain unaffected by this change.

We are also aware of the possibility that this change will make healing in PvP too difficult to counter. While we are not making any immediate changes to address this issue, we have prepared some further changes that will allow us to quickly deploy a PvP-only healing adjustment if we feel it is warranted.

We will be applying this change very soon while we are between Arena seasons so we can evaluate how it works in multiple PvP scenarios for the upcoming Arena season, and as we continue to prepare for Cataclysm. As we have mentioned previously, one of the goals for Cataclysm is to have a PvP environment where it is harder to regularly achieve so much damage and healing in relatively few global cooldowns compared to what we currently have in the game.

Ghostcrawler Commentary (Source)

I think teams may try to focus on PvE gear as a way of blowing up healers on the other team. If that doesn’t work (because the healer has resilience), then the PvE-geared guys won’t have the survivability to stick around long. If you can’t blow people up very quickly, then the glass-cannon thing just doesn’t work and longevity becomes more important to everyone. If you can blow up healers too easily (while wearing PvE gear), then we might need to buff resilience even more. If you can blow up dps specs wearing PvE gear easily, well, mission accomplished. If you can never defeat healers (note I said defeat, not blow up in 2 globals) then we will need to nerf healing. Again, the goal is to have slightly longer matches with a little more back and forth. (Emphasis on “little” — 20 min matches can be as tedious as 20 sec matches are unsatisfying.)

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Updates will be coming, bare with us as there is a lot of rain in California at the moment causing connectivity issues. But we will be updating!

End of Season problems

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)

There was an issue on some realms that allowed rated arena matches to continue after maintenance completed today. We have identified these issues and ended the season on the affected realms.

The arena season ended when maintenance began and the appropriate snapshot to decide the season’s rewards was taken at that time. Any of the rated matches that took place after maintenance will not be counted for last season’s rewards.

Limited Attempts Details for Icecrown
Pretty much explaining that the attempts are shared among the bosses of the wings.

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)

Here is how the limited attempts work:

  • The limited attempts applies only to the following bosses: Professor Putricide, Blood Queen Lana’thel, Sindragosa, and the Lich King.
  • The limited attempts are shared between these bosses, so if there are 15 attempts total and your group wipes 5 times on Professor Putricide, you will only have 10 attempts for the remaining encounters.
  • The limited attempts has increased this week to 15 and will increase to 20 when the Frostwing Hall opens and more will be added in the weeks following that.

As far as the release of the Frostwing Halls… we’ll see soon enough.

Blue Posts

Icecrown Buff (Source)

This buff is something that will automatically be put on characters once it has been enabled which is still a ways away.

Will we be able to opt out of the Icecrown buff? (Source)

That is an option we want to have, yes.

Why did Crimson Hall unlock quicker than Plagueworks? (Source)

We originally stated that the second wing would be available after 30 days (in part due to the holiday break), but that the wait wouldn’t be as long for the remaining wings. In addition, The Plagueworks does not need to be cleared in order for players to enter The Crimson Hall.

Koralon is on vacation in Vault of Archavon (Source)

We’re working on a hotfix to return Koralon back to the Vault of Archavon. He thought that the time in between Arena seasons was leisure time for him.

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A little more till Lich King Unlocks!
Two weeks from now will be the unlocking of Frostwing halls and The frozen Throne! On North American Realms it will be released on Febuary 2, 2010. As for Euro realms it will be unlocked on the 3rd. We will probably see season 8 arena gear next week on the 26th, if not then latest Febuary 2nd. Heroic modes for Icecrown Citadel will come out as well on the 9th, assuming people actually down the Lich King in normal mode. Very Excited!!!!

Blood Queen Lana’thel video!
So here is the video from the boss at 50%. Nobody has actually downed the boss even though it doesn’t look so hard lol. But I guess it is easier said than done! I will keep you updated about when any guild actually downs the boss. But posting is just in-case you guys wanted to see some differences from PTR.

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Crimson Hall unlocks in less than 24 Hours!
So the Crimson Hall is going to be unlocked soon. I wanted to go over what will come out with this patch. There will be two new raid encounters, also with limited number of attempts for the wing boss Blood Queen Lana’thel. Thus giving you a total of 15 attempts to down both Professor Putricide & Blood Queen Lana’thel, until they despawn.


When you complete A Feast of Souls you may go on and start the chain quest to complete ShadowmourneBlood Queen Lana’thel is a part of the chain quest Blood Infusion. In order to do this quest you need to be the target of
Blood Mirror which is going to be right next to the person closest to the tank. So pretty much healers better be ready to heal lol, because both whatever damage your tank takes, you will take as shadow damage.

Here is a section from WorldofRaids. They put together a good guide on how to approach this. Check it out!

“The Blood Prince Council


This is another “council” encounter.  The princes all share health, though with a twist this time — only one of them can be damaged at any given time.  This takes place by them receiving Invocation of Blood from the Darkfallen Orb or by it jumping from another prince.  At this point they grow larger and gain additional abilities.  For full details on the Blood Prince Council encounter, visit the Blood Prince Council guide page.


The Legacy vs Blood Princes

Blood Queen Lana’thel

This encounter is involved in the limited attempts system in Icecrown Citadel.  To read more about that, visit this news article.


This encounter has multiple phases and includes the mechanic of players being bitten by Blood Queen Lana’thel, increasing their damage for 60 seconds but also putting them at risk of becoming mind controlled.  Proper management of this effect is crucial as she has a very large health pool and enrages after 6 minutes.  For full details on the Blood Queen Lana’thel encounter, visit the Blood Queen Lana’thel guide page.

-Source: Worldofraids, WoWhead

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WoW Armory Scam! Warning!

This armory Link is a fake
There is a new version of armory as you guys all know. Both on US and EU armory. But there has also come a lot of spammers with it as well. People have been losing their account due to scammers exploiting the armory. It’s a pretty simple scam, people buy up spots on google. So if you search armory or something simliar on google the advertised armory link will show up at the top of the page.

Just a heads up so you guys don’t get scammed! =D
If you feel uneasy about it go straight to the. Will they really be put into use? It’s for situations like these that arise.

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Twitter Developer Chat Transcript
So here is a bunch of information, and a great read! Cataclysm info never ceases to intrigue! =)


Q. How will you handle beta testing if you don’t want to spoil the Worgen/Goblin starting areas?
A. We didn’t want to spoil them in Blizzcon. I imagine they will be in the beta. On the other hand, you can play the new higher-level zones if you don’t want to spoil it. The goblin starting zone will blow your mind!

Q. What knowledge have you gained from WotLK/ICC in regards to your future design plans for Cataclysm?
A. That’s a broad question for just 140 characters! I’ll say one thing we learned in retrospect was that the progressive badge structure has ended up confusing. We have a simpler one in mind that accomplishes the same goals.

Q. Will Trolls ever get either their own capitol, or a district in Orgrimmar like the Gnome district in Ironforge?
A. Personally, I think it adds a little to the troll story that they have such an amazing cultural legacy and have fallen so far from that in recent history. That said, we have a little bit of love for trolls in Cataclysm (beyond the ability to be just about every class in the game).

Q. Icecrown introduced new gameplay mechanics similar to that of platform games/consoles. Will you continue this trend in Cataclysm?
A. Many of you guys and many of us have been playing WoW for a long time. We think it’s important to keep introducing new things to keep it feeling exciting and fresh. Some things work and we try and improve them over time. Some don’t work as well and we move on. We try to never move too far away from the core experience of swinging your sword / tossing a spell though.

Q. When we reach level 58 in Cataclysm on Azeroth do we need to go to Outland or we can continue lvling in Azeroth?
A. You eventually need to do the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King content. Azeroth will have a break in content between 60 and 80.

Q. Wrath of the Lich King and Icecrown Citadel showed Blizzard using cut scenes more for dramatic purposes. Will you go back and add more for old world events?
A. We’d love to, but those things are not trivial to create so when we do more, I suspect they will be to tell new stories for Cataclysm rather than revisit old ones.

Q. Any plans to make early leveling dungeons (Maraudon, Wailing Caverns, etc.) more new-player-friendly (ie. take less time)?
A. Yes. We can’t overhaul them all, but Cataclysm in a world with the Dungeon Finder means we should try and improve these.

Q. You mentioned pet scaling being added for patch 3.3 but due to time constraints, was delayed. Will this be in the next patch?
A. We’ll try to do what we can. Technically it’s just more challenging than you might think. For Cataclysm, we have on our list that 100% of stats scale. If they don’t then certain stats just won’t be as valuable for pet classes. At the very least, we can do stuff like convert your X into damage for the pet so every stat is valuable.

Getting everyone to scale with every stat better is a major goal for the class team for Cataclysm.

Q. Will there be any more developments on enchanting as a profession? We would love to do fun things like daily quests.
A. Sounds like a great thing to add for Cataclysm. We’ll have to wait and see though.

Q. Are there plans to improve the Dwarven Racials? At this point anything is better than Find Treasure.
A. Well, we are adding Archaeology to WoW…

Q. City raiding seems like a great way to promote Horde vs. Alliance PVP, will you bring incentives for this?
A. We like the idea of fighting in cities. We don’t like the idea of massive lag from having so many people in one area or players who are just wanting to play the AH or whatever getting nuked. We have some ideas for Cataclysm though.

Q. Are there any plans to fix the relative value of stats for certain specs? Eg.Strength being way better than Armor Penetration for Retribution Paladins or Armor Penetration being way better than Haste for Marksmanship Hunters.
A. For Cataclysm, absolutely. We’ll do what we can in the meantime, but it’s cruel to make players re-gear when they’re halfway through a new raid tier.

Q. Are heirloom items and the recruit a friend system going to work at the start of Cataclysm, in particular for Worgens?
A. Most likely heirlooms. For recruit a friend, we’ll have to see. We understand some players want to get to the end game as fast as possible. Maybe the realm first achievements should state “without XP bonuses.” :)

Q. Will you guys have Worgen/Goblin race change on lock until somebody on the realm gets to level 85 as a Worgen/Goblin?
A. We’ll probably delay it for a few weeks or months. We haven’t fully decided.

Q. What will Cataclysm have to offer for solo players?
A. Cataclysm has a ton of new quests both in the new zones and in old familiar areas. There will be just a ton to do. Also if you’re a completionist casual type, one word: Archaeology.

Q. Will Cataclysm bring the return of special-proc items such as The Unstoppable Force?
A. One of the fun aspects of looking at those old zones are the chances to try and hit up all the nostalgia for things like that. So, yes.

Q. Will you be emphasizing more on Horde vs. Alliance hatred in the future?
A. It’s a major focus for Cataclysm. Neither Garrosh nor Varian is a major fan of cross-faction cooperation.

Q. What’s up with the pineapple wallpaper in Gadgetzan?
A. You will soon see in Cataclysm that goblins have a somewhat inscrutable sense of taste. They also like tropical drinks.

Fall of the Lich King

Q. What are your opinions on Shadowmourne as Death Knight tanking weapon? Was it made with intention on that as well or mainly for dps?
A. Shadowmourne was designed as a dps weapon. If you can score one and want to socket Stam in it, I suggest parading around Dalaran just to rub it in.

Q. Will Ner’zhul appear at any point in 3.3 or the near future?
A. Well, he is a chunk of the Lich King now. But if you mean will he appear as an orc, we’re not ready to tell his story just yet. We have a lot of stories left to tell, but his is a good one.

Q. How much will the incremental buff over time in Icecrown increase health damage and healing?
A. We haven’t completely decided, but something like 5%, similar to the Luck of the Draw buff.

Q. If damage and healing is too much per health ratio, then why don’t you have battlegrounds/arenas give a -30% damage/healing debuff?
A. We have been talking about solutions like that. It might feel a bit awkward, but it might also solve the problem and maybe it’s okay in the last season before an expansion to experiment a little bit.

Q. Will the various faction leaders such as Tyrande and Cairne play a part in 3.3 or will they be marginalized?
A. We have a lot of NPCs active in the Northrend finale already. I’m not sure those two specifically need to play a big part. At some point your cast of characters is just too big to manage. The finale is a pretty major lore moment though. You’ll dig it.

Q. All specs get a proc weapon from ICC25, except Frost Death Knights and Feral Druids. Any plans to give these specs ICC25 proc weapons?
A. It’s tough when you get into the design mode of “everyone must be able to get something from every boss.” We try to cover a reasonable spread of players, but as with the Ashen Verdict rings and the Quel’delar, there are going to be some specs skipped over. We still love you.

Q. Siege weapons were a unique game mechanic for Ulduar. What was the reasoning for not adding some form of Siege engine encounter in ICC?
A. We didn’t want to overdo it. In some ways the Ulduar vehicles was our chance to show that yes we can make vehicles a lot of fun (after say the experience of Malygos). Flame Leviathan was unique. The boat battle in Icecrown is unique. Not every raid needs siege tanks.

Q. Why were party leader rewards for random heroic daily removed?
A. We didn’t want to encourage players who had no business leading groups to do so.

Q. Have you considered making the Battered Hilt BoP?
A. Because better items would be available so quickly in the Icecrown raid, we thought we’d get more dynamic gameplay by letting players trade it. It also mirrored the first Quel as well.

Q. Are there any plans to change the Ashen Verdict tank ring to proc more often? The current uptime vs bosses is almost nonexistent.
A. We have been adjusting a lot of procs so far and this one is on our radar. Tanks still manage to avoid hits a lot, which makes the proc less useful.

Q. When will we be able to fight the Lich King?
A. After you can conquer the Blood, Frost and Plague wings. :)

Q. Why were no new daily quests (or something along those lines) added in 3.3?
A. We just have a limited amout of content we can do for a patch, even a big one. We try to offer something for everyone, but sometimes it’s better to deliver something awesome in one area (in this case, the raid and 3 dungeon wings) than try and add a little bit everywhere.

Q. Were there any boss concepts you had for Icecrown Citadel that got cut? Any examples you can give?
A. There was early talk of different famous NPCs that could have been corrupted instead of Saurfang Jr.

Q. Arthas has been present everywhere in the expansion. Why haven’t we seen Blood Queen Lana’thel, Professor Putricide or any of the other bosses in low level zones?
A. Because we hadn’t created them yet. :) You saw plenty of a certain undead dragon however.

Q. With all the mention of saronite, and old gods blood in the various 3.3 quest chains, will Yogg-Saron factor into Icecrown Citadel?
A. You mean your guild didn’t kill him? :)

Q. Will Mal’ganis have any involvement in patch 3.3?
A. He will continue to menace you in Culling of Stratholme. :)

Q. If there is one thing that you wanted to have added to ICC/WOTLK in general, what would that have been?
A. More Azjol-Nerub. Threre’s a lot of things we could have done with the underground empire, from a raid zone to a world zone. I hope we get to someday. Personally, I’m a big fan of the whole underdark vibe.

The Future…

Q. Any plans to increase the size of the backpack? Kinda interesting we have 24 slot bags and the back pack has never changed in size.
A. Yeah, it’s something we discuss a lot. On the other hand, the madness has to end somewhere. I’m not sure I want a 100 slot bag with that much stuff to manage. We’d need to make sure you could easily upgrade the existing backpack; we wouldn’t want anyone to manage to just be without any bags.

Q. Would you be willing to make personal bank storage look more like guild storage and available to all characters on a realm?
A. This is something we discuss a lot. It actually helps with keeping mail volume down as well as a player convenience.

Q. Are there more plans for unique weapon procs as the game goes forward? How do you see this affecting min/maxing?
A. We want to keep adding procs (and other interesting mechanics) to keep the items from feeling exactly like the item it’s replacing with a few more stats. We know they are harder to balance, but that’s part of the fun.

Q. For those of us who collect tabards and armor sets, do you see a way for us to store and not use our very limited inventory?
A. Yes. We’d like to store them the same way you do titles. In general, we don’t want to punish the packrats out there who just like to collect stuff. We will have to wait and see what we can do about it though.

Q. Will we see any new world bosses in the near future?
A. I’d never say never given that we haven’t designed patch 6.0 yet, but they do present some problems for large organized groups trying to make mutliple attempts without interference.

Q. Will we ever see proper physics/animation for chain weapons? Will we ever GET chain weapons?
A. We’d love to. Whips too. It’s just expensive (in terms of time) and we have to prioritize if it comes at the expense of something else (new dances maybe, or the animation for a new Cataclysm mob).


Q. Both balance druids (moonkin) and elemental shaman feel like their DPS is falling behind in Icecrown Citadel. Any damage boosts for these hybrid casters currently planned?
A. We have small buffs coming in the next patch. We’ll see where they are after that when more encounters are open (including the hard modes) and once more players have tier sets and higher gear in general. We have no problem buffing them more if we need to.

Q. You added Armor->Strength talents to discourage Plate from wanting DPS leather. Are there any plans to stop non-clothies from wanting Cloth?
A. Yes, we do have some plans.

Q. Will rogues/hunters ever be able to dual wield hand-crossbows or pistols?
A. The pistol idea for hunters gets suggested a lot. It could either be an alternate to the gun / bow / crosssbow or something they use for short-range attacks. Rogues probably have plenty of weapons at this point. :)

Q. Why not give all the races the ability to be every class?
A. We’re getting pretty close to that in Cataclysm. Some combos just don’t make sense though. Goblin paladins strike me as bizzare.


Q. Any plans on looking at Balance Druids, in particular Eclipse procs? RNG sometimes is detrimental to our DPS.
A. We don’t mind the RNG aspect that much per se, but losing an important proc because it happened at the wrong time (say just before you moved) is a problem. We have a pretty cool solution for Cataclysm if we can make it work. It makes Eclipse cooler but also gives Balance more of a kit in general.

Q. Have you thought about doing AP scaling for Thorns?
A. There’s no polite way to say this: Thorns needs some love. We just want to keep effects like this from excessively punishing fast-swinging attackers, because you know, we love rouges.


Q. Can you please explain why Feign Death is still on the Spell Hit metric, especially in raids?
A. It’s a known issue, but just has to do with the way the spell is set up. Melee and ranged attacks mean a very specific thing to the game engine. We’re hoping to be able to clean up some of this with the Cataclysm overhaul.


Q. What is your stance on fire mage single target dps in comparison to Arcane?
A. Fire mage is a little low. It’s also somewhat self-selecting because the most dps-obsessed players know Arcane is higher and will gravitate accordingly. Fire will do better on multi-target fights, but there just haven’t been a lot of those so far. (We have adds, but they come in slowly.) Ideally Fire would be closer to Arcane.

Q. Will mages ever get to be the true masters of ports? By added more than just the main city’s or maybe decide our own areas?
A. We’ve been growing the number of places they can go over time. We’ll probably never get to the point where mages ignore ships, mounts or flight paths.


Q. Paladin armor has gone all dark and Gothic. When will we see armor that better represents iconic holy warriors?
A. Northrend is a pretty dark and gloomy place. Cataclysm will have more of an emphasis on say elements and dragons.


Q. With the new skins for druid forms, what is the chance that warlocks might see race/faction specific demon skins or maybe a new one?
A. When you look around, there are a lot of say imp or voidwalkers we could use. It’s something we talk about quite a bit. As for new demons, I hear warlocks are going to be getting some new spells for the next expansion…


Q. Following the upcoming protection warrior PvP nerf, do you plan to make our abilities focus on doing threat instead of damage?
A. We are applying threat modifiers where we nerfed damage. We’d also like to boost sustained protection warrior damage (for PvE) without adding too much burst (for PvP).


Q. Why is there hardly anything in Crystalsong Forest? It is a shame to see such a beautiful zone go to waste!
A. Yeah, it makes us sad. Part of the problem is that it sits beneath Dalaran, which ended up being more of a resource hog than we had anticipated. We didn’t want to draw too many more players to that zone. Initially the Crusader’s Coliseum was going to be there, which is why some of the quests send you there. We just worried too much about the performance hit. Anub’arak ended up working out well though in Northrend.

Q. Why is it tanking or healing that makes an encounter hard or easy? There isn’t much other than high dps to consider for damage dealers.
A. There are berserk timers that usually rest on the shoulders of the dps to beat. There are adds that need to be burned down, etc. Tanking and healing aren’t that hard on Deathbringer IMO (for example). Managing the adds is the key.

Q. Is there talk of a fire shield spell for Elemental Shaman to use like water shield for Restoration Shaman?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Do you still have plans to implement guild housing?
A. Guild housing isn’t a priority. Aside from the huge development involved it gets people out of cities and into these private areas other players can’t see. We like cities to feel populated. But I’m not sure anyone expected WoW to be going as strong as it is after five years, so who knows in the future.

Q. I don’t have a question but just a thanks. Thank you for making the Looking For Group tool. It’s sooooo useful.
A. Yeah, we love it around the office too. There was a lot of pressure to get it right after the first couple of attempts were lackluster. I try not to say stuff like this too often, but I think we really got it right. (Though there are a few kinks to unkink and polish we still plan to add.)Q. Does Blizzard have anything in the works to offer former players of WoW?
A. Maybe we can give you a good reason to come back!

Q. Can we expect a Canadian style pet for the Olympics this year?
A. I will put in a request today for an epic moose mount, not sure if it will make it in though.

Q. Did Ghostcrawler ever give out those ponies he promised?
A. First, are you a paladin? If so, then no ponies for you. Everyone else can have a very small pony. In the DK case, a very, very small hero pony.

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