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Encounter Details
Here is the information about Blood Queen Lana’thel to help you prepare for your epic battle!

Blood Queen Lana’thel
Health: 62.5m (25) / 18m (10) Enrage: 6 minutes
This is a rather interesting encounter with two phases: a ground phase and an air phase. See the abilities list below for full details.

Blood Queen Lana’thel will bite players, increasing their damage dealt and allowing them to heal themselves for part of the damage they deal. However, you must pay close attention to this as you’ll gain Frenzied Bloodthirst when the bonuses fade, forcing you to bite another player within 10 seconds or become mind controlled.

She will also link the tank with the person closest to them, causing the linked person to take Shadow damage equal to the damage the tank takes.

Finally, she has an ability that’s basically a reverse of Mother Shahraz: she links players with Pact of the Darkfallen and they must run to each other to remove it.

Ground Phase
Blood Mirror
100% of damage done to linked source is reflected to you as Shadow damage. This affects the person closest to the tank.
Delirious Slash
Inflicts 50% of weapon damage to an enemy and causes it to bleed for 5250 to 6750 damage per application every 3 sec. for 15 sec.
Essence of the Blood Queen
You are infused with the blood of the Vampyr Queen for 1 minute. Damage and healing done increased by 100%. Attacks heal caster (the player, not Blood Queen Lana’thel). When this fades, you gain Frenzied Bloodthirst.
Frenzied Bloodthirst
The caster must satiate their need for blood [within 10 seconds], otherwise they will lose their will to Queen Lana’thel. You gain Vampiric Bite on your action bar when you’re under this effect.
Pact of the Darkfallen
Deals 5000 Shadow damage to you and nearby non-linked allies every 2 sec. This effect expires when all linked targets are within 5 yards of each other. 3 targets are linked in 25-player, 2 in 10-player.
Shroud of Sorrow
An aura of sorrow and despair emanates from the caster, inflicting 4500 Shadow damage every 3 sec. to nearby enemies.
Swarming Shadows
A swarming void consumes the target, causing a mass of shadows to appear beneath the target and dealing 2313 to 2687 Shadow damage every 2 seconds. This creates a cloud of shadows on the ground that deals damage to players who stand in it.
Twilight Bloodbolt
Hurls a bolt of dark blood at the target, dealing 9250 to 10750 damage to the target and surrounding allies within 6 yards.
Uncontrollable Frenzy
If you do not feed quick enough for Frenzied Bloodthirst, you become charmed, increasing damage done by 100%, health by 5000% and healing done by 1000%.
Vampiric Bite
Deals 13875 to 16125 damage to the target, granting them the Essence of the Vampyr Queen.
Air Phase
Bloodbolt Whirl
Summons a maelstrom of whirling Bloodbolts every 2 sec. for 6 seconds.
Bloodbolt Whirl
Hurls a bolt of dark blood at the target, dealing 9250 to 10750 damage to the target and surrounding allies within 50000 yards.
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